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Solve all business problems comprehensively

CountAudit Service items


As low as HK$500 per month
$ 500
  • Cloud storage accounting service
  • Accounting records sorting and keeping service
  • Accounting analysis service

Auditing, Tax Filing

As low as HK$3,500
$ 3,500
Per Time
  • Auditing service
  • Tax filing service
  • Tax expense reduction advice
Best Choice

Company Setup

As low as HK$2,945
$ 2,945
  • All-in-one company setup service
  • Company secretary service
  • Business promotion and market planning service


Organise all your accounting records and put them in the cloud storage safely with company’s accounting statements and accounts, making them available to be viewed at any time.

Keep your cumbersome accounting records in sequence, neat and tidy.

Analyse your financial status based on the accounting status. Make recommendations on future financial growth and improvement of internal control.


Auditing, Tax Filing

Provide auditing service in compliance with Hong Kong Accounting Standards

An independent tax department is set up to be responsible for the calculation of corporate profits tax and personal income tax etc., tax form filing and submission to the Inland Revenue Department. Our department also answers inquiries and reviews from the Inland Revenue Department.

Provide advice on the appropriate tax amount according to your business situation to avoid suffering from paying unnecessary tax.

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Company Setup, Company Secretary

Apart from setting up legal limited company, we also one-stop assist you with every relevant administrative task, e.g. business card design, website, office, email and telephone number etc.

Assist in handling funding application procedures for NGO, Community.

Provide company secretary service and make sure your company is complying with Company Law regulations.

Provide business promotion and market planning advice according to your business status in order to raise exposure among target customers.

What do others think?

Customer reviews

Our accounts are very messy as we lack sufficient administrative staff. Accounts become very clear and easy to follow after using the cloud storage accounting service of CountAudit! I feel comfortable to concentrate on my training business by giving other financial tasks to CountAudit.
Thank you CountAudit for helping on our company's accounting records. Thanks to the professionality of accountants, the cumbersome records are ameliorated. Our organisation will maintain long-term good cooperating relationship with CountAudit in the future.
Sam is a considerate service provider. From understanding my needs to designing a well-suited accounting service, the whole process is very smooth that I can focus on my business.






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