Why Do we serve as an Accounting and Tax Filing Company?

About Us

"Entrepreneurs of SMEs could concentrate on developing their own businesses by passing us all the cumbersome administrative and financial tasks"

Aim of CountAudit


Our Team

Serve the society sincerely, hoping to bring a little difference to the commercial society


Sam Ng, CPA

Audit and Incorporation


Woody Fong, CPA

Accounting and Tax


Peter Chan

Digital Marketing 

remember the society

Serve the society wholeheartedly

As a social enterprise, all businesses are primarily based on social interests. We focus on social interests more than personal interests.

Speed up information delivery

Constantly follow the updates of latest commercial financial standards, actions of law enforcement agencies, as well as latest news in the industry to make important information widely known.

Empower small Organizations

Assist small organizations, especially NGO, social enterprises and start-up companies that are not very good at marketing. Provide market commercial advice to help them implement more efficient management and save time to focus on serving the society.

Popularise Commercial Knowledge

Enable people from different backgrounds in Hong Kong to gain a better understanding on business and finance in order to fight for their well-deserved benefits, such as reducing the exploitation of employees/self-employed persons by employers.

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